Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing

It’s Saturday! And Saturday means baking for housechurch!
So this week I had a hankering for something with cinnamon. I browsed around and found this recipe by Jenny from Picky Palate and decided to try it. The only thing I did differently was  melt the butter and mix it with the brown sugar and cinnamon and spread it onto the rolled cookie dough.

Here are some pics!

Don’t you feel fatter just looking at them?

If you decide to try making them yourself, the recipe makes a lot of cookies! I didn’t realize this in advance, and ended up with close to 100 large cookies.

This weekend I also discovered how to insert scratch-and-sniff jpegs into my blog.

(I wish that were true)


8 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing

  1. mikereverb says:

    You owe me for the scrapes on my monitor, young lady.

    They look delicious. I feel like anything with butter and cinnamon in it is automatically otherwordly, but that might just be me.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. dhall8221 says:

    How about I give you a cookie and we call it even

  3. mikereverb says:

    Two days later, and not only am I cookie-less, but I’m also blog-less.

    For shame, madam. I say for shame!

    • dhall8221 says:

      Where did your blog go? I swear I had nothing to do with that! 🙂

      • mikereverb says:

        It “myseriously” reappeared after I posted here. Curious . . .

        Actually, I was originally talking about being deprived of your blog!

        No followup to cinammon cookies? You’ve got an audience here. We demand satisfaction!

      • dhall8221 says:

        “audience” 🙂

        What do I write if I have nothing interesting to say? I have to work really hard at being interesting you know. It takes some preparation!

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