Things my friends say

Those gears look like flowers! *cries*

Channels are stupid

They’re couchtons!

They can be really angsty if you do it right

There’s a bird n your head, there’s a bird on your head

Why are you so cute Harry Potter…I thought I was your girlfriend Harry Potter…your baby is so cute…*sings* Harry Potter is the best! Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter has an egg on his head!

I write curses in my code sometimes

I love Steve Urkel too

Pencil would be easier because this has four points instead of one

He’s such a sexual twelve year old! Waving his wand around all the time! Gosh man! Ridin’ the broom like whaaaaaaaaat

DL you have no toes on

I still have your painting….it keeps falling off my wall

What the heck is density?!

Let’s influence each other positively!! Do you have anymore coffee?!


2 thoughts on “Things my friends say

  1. mikereverb says:

    Haha, was that so hard?

  2. Anna F. says:

    Ha! Can only 12-year-olds wave their wands around all the time and ride brooms? I hope not. If so, I am S.O.L. One of my fave “s**t” that a friend has said isn’t really a friend’s, but my own. It’s one of my faves only because within a week, a different friend said relatively the same thing to me, but much more eloquently: “It’s all one big poop, di*k, and fart joke to you, isn’t it.” Of course it is.

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