Canvas shmanvis

I get tired of painting on canvas, drawing on paper, designing on my computer. You know, the types of things typical artists are expected to do. It takes serious creativity and even courage to venture beyond that.

Also, sometimes it’s illegal 🙂

So hats off to the awesome people who created these works of art!


4 thoughts on “Canvas shmanvis

  1. mikereverb says:

    I’m outraged that they vandalized this great statue.

    Who even does that? Someone worked hard to plan and execute this work of art, and you just come along and impose your own crappy art onto it?

    Seriously, how could they . . . scrape off the paint on Superman’s and Santa Claus’s face? Illegal indeed!

    Thanks for sharing. 😛

  2. robintheperson says:

    These are so awesome

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