I hope that was a REALLY good book

I let my road rage get the best of me this morning. A pet peeve of mine is when people use the left lane on the pike for travel instead of passing. Unless you are passing someone, don’t use the left lane to cruise at 60-70mph. Especially if you are cruising right alongside someone in the right lane, but not passing them, holding up traffic.

That’s what happened this morning.

I wouldn’t call myself a lead-foot, but I typically hit the cruise control at 70-75mph. So I was going along, on my way to work, and I come up behind a Subaru SUV in the left lane. I can’t pass her on the right (I hate to say this, but 9 times out of 10, it’s a woman) because there’s a tractor trailer. Both the truck and the Subaru are going about 60mph. I get stuck behind her, growing more and more annoyed, so I lightly honk my horn at her to try and get her moving so I can at least pass her. I wasn’t sure if she would even hear me, but I guess she did because she sped up to about 80. About a mile down the road, she slows down to 60 again and every so often her car drifts to one side of the other until she violently jerks it back into place.

Now at this point, despite it being 9 in the morning, I’m convinced she must still be drunk from last night or something. She’s still traveling in the left lane (slowly), but this time there is no one in the right, so I move over and pass her. And of course, I have to glance over at her to see exactly who is causing me so much frustration in the morning.

She was reading a book.

Seriously. She had it open, propped up against the steering wheel, and every 4 or 5 seconds she would glance up at the road to make sure she wasn’t about to careen into anything.

It’s a $100 fine here in Massachusetts if you get caught texting a driving. I figure an average text is about 50 characters. So this woman should get fined about $7.5 million, right?

I hope it was a really good book. I’ll be so pissed if she was reading Twilight.

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