100 Hours of Art

I’ve made more New Years Resolutions this year than ever, which in a couple months will probably seem like a really stupid idea. Create/stick to a budget (and oh, what a sexy spreadsheet I created for that one!), stop using chemicals on my body (more on that later),  read the Bible in a year (my whole house church is doing this one…so far so good!)…

I think the resolution I am most excited about is what I am calling 100 Hours of Art. This year, I want to spend at least 100 of my hours on artwork of some form or another. It doesn’t matter when or where I use these hours, or what I use them on. It can be on that Eat a Peach painting I owe my Parrain (sorry sorry!! It’s  SO close!) or just random doodling, or photography or crocheting. It just has to be something creative.

It will be well documented. I am creating a spreadsheet (no surprise there) for the hours used/hours left and I hope to take a picture after every hour used, which I will post here with a description of the project. So 100 hours, 100 pictures!



I think I use parenthesis too much.


2 thoughts on “100 Hours of Art

  1. Greg Granger says:

    Just be glad I only asked for the front cover, not the interior art (though if you wanna tackle it….)

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