Resisting the urge to do something completely socially inappropriate

I’m known as a pretty down-to-earth, level-headed, calm, cool, and collected person (usually). But sometimes the urge to do something completely random and usually inappropriate (or violent) will wrestle it’s way into my subconscious, usually resulting in me either being completely appalled by it or bursting into uncontrollable laughter at the thought of it.

This comes up surprisingly often in conversation. It turns out, I’m not the only crazy person that this happens to. I honestly can’t tell you if that makes me feel better or if it just scares me a little more.

Here is a list of some things I have had passing urges to do:

-play chicken with my grocery cart with an unsuspecting shopper (because the odds of them also having the random urge to do this is probably pretty low)

-throw cds into the crowd from the balcony during church (we got a cd duplicator recently and my friend and I have both been resisting the urge to do this as we sit up on the balcony watching everyone below)

-whenever I see anyone with crutches I want to sweep kick them out from under them

-change all the pictures of my co-workers on our website to something ridiculous (celebrities or pieces of fruit…something like that)

-push someone into a lake (I blame Gilmore Girls for this one)

-throw my cell phone or other things out the window while I’m driving, especially if someone is driving way too close to me

-This morning I had the VERY strong urge to dump my tea all over my computer after rebooting for the fifth time. And then throw it out the window. And then walk down the six flights of stairs to kick it. And toss it into the middle of I-91. Then run over it a few times.

I wonder what causes these momentary lapses of reason?  Boredom? My sin nature? Or am I just tiring of social norms and expectations? Maybe I secretly believe that I am dreaming?

More likely, I’m just a little bit crazy.

We’re all a little loony, I think.

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